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World Beer Awards 2023

2 times silver at the World Beer Awards 2023!


Tremist, our saison beer, took home a silver medal in the ‘Saison’ category, just like in 2021 and 2022. Tremist is a refreshing, copper blond beer (saison style) with an alcohol content of 6.4%. It is the result of a collaboration between Belgian design furniture company Extremis and the Kazematten brewery. This farmhouse ale reflects a sunny day in a glass of fresh, blonde beer. Slightly veiled and nicely rounded with a creamy white foam head. A superb thirst-quencher. 

The saison beer style is reminiscent of the farmhouse ales that farmers traditionally brewed in the quiet winter months to quench the thirst of their seasonal workers during the hot summer months.


Wipers Times Tripel only appeared for the first time in the summer of 2021 and won last year a fine bronze medal in the "Belgian Style Tripel" category. This year, Wipers Times Tripel takes home a silver medal in this very competitive category.

Wipers Times Tripel is a fruity, full-bodied top-fermented beer (8.2% alc. vol.). Like our Wipers Times Blond, our tripel is brewed with 4 grains, 4 spices and local hops only. We use malted barley and wheat, as well as flaked maize and oats, infusing the mash with 4 spices and the seeds of the milk thistle (which was also featured on the front page of the satirical trench magazine ‘The Wipers Times’).