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We hanteren verschillende bezoekmomenten- en tijdstippen (van woensdag t.e.m. zaterdag) doorheen het jaar. Via deze boekingsmodule kan je niet enkel de beschikbare dagen en momenten raadplegen, maar ook meteen jouw plaatsen reserveren. Tot binnenkort in Ieper?

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to our brewery

Are you curious about our brewery’s story and the history of this unique location? Eager to learn all about our brewing process? In that case, we’d love to invite you to come visit our brewery. We are open to visitors on various days (Thursday to Saturday) and at various times throughout the year. Simply use the button below or click on ‘Booking’ at the top right to book your visit today! See you soon in Ypres! 


Regular tour: Explore our brewery and sample three different brews for €12 per person. Simply book your brewery tour online, following the instructions above. Tickets for children under the age of fifteen are €4. Children’s tickets don't need to be booked in advance and can be bought on the spot.

Private tour: Private brewery visits are possible by appointment any day of the week. Tours for groups of 15 or more are €15 per person and will include a commemorative gift. Smaller groups are also welcome, but will be charged an additional fee for our guide. Duration of private tour with beer tasting: 90 minutes.You must email to book your tour!


  • Thursday May 18

  • Friday June 23

  • Saturday June 24

  • Saturday August 12

  • Thursday August 17

  • Friday August 18

  • Saturday August 19

  • Thursday August 24

  • Friday August 25

  • Friday July 21

  • Saturday November 11

Our guide Bart will explain you everything

After the tour, you can of course taste our beers


  • Water treatment

    Special water treatment makes city water appropriate for brewing.

  • Malt mill

    The malt is crushed in a malt mill to allow the enzymes to easily dissolve during the brewing process.

  • Brew kettle

    The milled, malted and raw grains are dissolved in heated brewing water and converted into fermentable sugars. This mashing process takes about an hour and a half to convert all the starch into sugar.

  • Lauter kettle

    The lauter kettle separates the liquid wort from the spent grains.

  • Cooking kettle

    The sweet wort, together with hops and spices are cooked for an hour and a half in the boiler. 

  • Heat exchanger

    The heat exchanger cools down the wort to the fermentation temperature. We recover the brew water in a hot water tank, and use it for our next brew. 

  • Fermenter

    Once the wort has cooled down, we ferment it with a specially selected top yeast. The yeast converts the sugars from the malt into alcohol. This takes about one week. 

  • Maturation

    Afterwards the young beer still needs to lager and mature in our two lager tanks in order to reach an optimal flavor. After the maturation process we bottle or keg the beer.  

Our brewmaster Koen and farmer Rik

Our brewmaster Koen adds all the ingredients to the brew kettles by hand and takes out the draff after brewing as well. As we believe in the value of short supply chains, Farmer Rik comes by and collects the draff to be added to his cows’ feed himself. 

De Ieperse vestingen

Experience Ypres & the Westhoek

Relax and enjoy Ypres and the wider Westhoek region are great places to take a step back, relax and enjoy yourself. The Westhoek’s reputation as a tasty destination is absolutely well-deserved. 

Event- en vergaderruimte - Brouwerij Kazematten

The ideal meeting or event location

As of late 2019, our brewery’s third vault has been fully renovated. This space is an excellent venue for corporate events! Concert? Seminar? Reception? You name it. Our event team is eager to help. Email us at for details and rates.