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Wipers Times Tripel

Wipers Times Tripel is a fruity, full-bodied top-fermented beer (8.2% alc. vol.). Like our Wipers Times Blond, our tripel is brewed with 4 grains, 4 spices and local hops only. We use malted barley and wheat, as well as flaked maize and oats, infusing the mash with 4 spices and the seeds of the milk thistle (which was also featured on the front page of the satirical trench magazine ‘The Wipers Times’).


Colour Blond
Type of beer Tripel / Top fermentation
Alcohol degree 8,2%
° Plato 19
Recommended pouring temperature 6 - 10°
Colour (EBC) 20
Bitterness (EBU) 17
Shelf life 2 years (bottle) / 1 year (keg)
Packaging Bottle: 75 cl / 33 CL - Keg: 20L


Wipers Times Tripel is a hazy golden amber beer with a huge foam head. 

Character, taste and aromas

Wipers Times Tripel smells of delicious ripe, sweet fruit, such as mango, apricot or banana. Because this beer is finished with various spices, including coriander, orange peel and liquorice, the spicy overtone only adds to the flavour of this well-balanced beer. Wipers Times Tripel, a creamy full bodied beer with gentle fruit notes. 


Wipers Times Tripel pairs well with Asian food. Do you enjoy a fruity summer sabayon now and then? Consider using our Wipers Times Tripel to prepare it. 

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