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We hanteren verschillende bezoekmomenten- en tijdstippen (van woensdag t.e.m. zaterdag) doorheen het jaar. Via deze boekingsmodule kan je niet enkel de beschikbare dagen en momenten raadplegen, maar ook meteen jouw plaatsen reserveren. Tot binnenkort in Ieper?

Grotten Santé

Grotten Santé is a zesty beer (6.5% alcohol volume) with small quantities of ‘exotic’ herbs that create a slight dryness. The unique Belgian ‘Grottenbier’ (cave beer) that was created by one of the greatest Belgian brewers ever, Pierre Celis, subsequently moved to the city of Ypres. It was given a slightly different name, 'Grotten Santé', but the recipe has remained unchanged. This beer was originally created by the brewer as he wanted to find out the effect of constantly low temperatures, as found in a cave for example, on the taste evolution of a particular beer.


Colour Dark
Type of beer Dubbel / Top fermentation
Alcohol degree 6,5 %
° Plato 15,3
Recommended pouring temperature
Colour (EBC) 45
Bitterness (EBU) 20
Shelf life 3 years (bottle) / 18 months (keg)
Packaging Bottle: 75 cl / 33 CL - Keg: 20L


Grotten Santé is characterised by a compact ivory collar and a chestnut-coloured body.

Character, taste and aromas

The aroma is extremely generous: ripe stone fruits ensure an inviting contrast with a headstrong touch of wood and zesty spices. Connoisseurs will be able to detect the taste of candy, biscuit and nuts, perhaps accompanied by a beautiful spiciness not unlike “peperkoek”. The fruitiness of the beer is reminiscent of figs and prunes, but the exotic spices always have the final say with an exceptional balance between the mild sweetness and a slight acidity present.


Desserts with fruit and chocolate taste even better accompanied by a Grotten Santé. We can also recommend a pairing with grilled meat. 

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