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We hanteren verschillende bezoekmomenten- en tijdstippen (van woensdag t.e.m. zaterdag) doorheen het jaar. Via deze boekingsmodule kan je niet enkel de beschikbare dagen en momenten raadplegen, maar ook meteen jouw plaatsen reserveren. Tot binnenkort in Ieper?


Epica is easy to drink, with a silky-soft mouthfeel (5.4% alc. vol), combining tropical fruit aromas with a mild hoppy fragrance, making it a really good thirst-quencher. 


Colour Blond
Type of beer Craft lager
Alcohol degree 5,4 %
Recommended pouring temperature 6 - 8°
Colour (EBC) 6
Bitterness (EBU) 20
Shelf life 18 months (can)
Packaging Can: 50 CL


Epica is a bright, sparkling craft lager, pouring out a lovely golden yellow colour with a nice white head.

Character, taste and aromas

Like the symphonic metal band after which it was named, Epica is a great combination of very different flavours. The unmistakable biscuit malt backbone, supported by an irresistible touch of honey, alternates with lovely citrus notes and a spiciness that packs a punch. With just the right amount of hoppy bitterness, Epica has a well-balanced, refreshing taste that is immensely thirst-quenching at the same time! 


Thanks to its amazing flavours of lime, peppermint, tropical fruit and its crisp, spicy undertones, Epica pairs nicely with great comfort food! Try a glass of Epica with a burger, hot wings or a pizza!

Epica is without doubt a phenomenon

Epica is a ‘symphonic metal band’ and was founded about 20 years ago. In this time, they succeeded in becoming one of the most popular bands in the Low Countries, across all music genres. Since then, they have effortlessly outgrown the niche in which they started out in terms of their name and fame, becoming an international act that performs for audiences of more than 2,000 every night. 

Epica has released eight full albums, selling one million albums worldwide. Their last full album ‘Omega’ was released in February 2021, entering the Top 10 album charts in Germany, Belgium and their home country the Netherlands. Since then, the band has performed over 1,000 shows in more than 60 countries, on all continents. In all corners of the globe, from Sydney to Rio de Janeiro and from Los Angeles to Tokyo, tickets for their club shows sell out in no time at all. They are popular headliners at festivals such as Pinkpop (NL), Graspop (BE), Hellfest (FR), Wacken (DE), Hell & Heaven Festival (MX), Dowload Festival (GB) and Heavy Montréal (CA), always guaranteeing audiences a spectacular show. 

Isaac Delahaye - Simone Simons - Ariën van Weesenbeek - Rob van der Loo - Mark Jansen - Coen Janssen

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